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At Solo Tyre Wholesalers, we specialize in the wholesale of quality part-worn tyres that are German-branded. We pride ourselves on our focus on the recycling of part-worn tyres and our commitment to investing more and more into the recycling of used tyres as this is becoming a bigger issue for the UK and across Europe.

Our company was founded last year by our director, Sohail, who has been involved in the motor and logistics industry for a number of years. With his experience and contacts around Europe, he realized that there was a shortage of quality part-worn tyres within the UK. That’s why we decided to start our business and provide our customers with the best quality products available on the market.

Why Choose Us

We Source the Best Quality Part Worn Tyres

We import around 1200-1300 tyres every week and fly out every time to inspect and do a quality check of all the tyres to ensure that they meet the requirements and meet our clients minimum tread depth

We Are Transparent

Book an appointment with us and come down to our warehouse. You can inspect all of our stock and see if it suits your garage or what your customer wants. 

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